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Episode 9 – The History and Uses of Springs

Episode 9 – The History and Design of Springs For an item that is absolutely indispensable today, there is relatively little recorded history of springs. One of the earliest known uses was the Bronze Age invention of tweezers. They consisted of two strips of metal with a small plate brazed between them. Simple tongs and […]

Episode 8 – Springs as Industrial Components

Industrial Components – Springs Springs are elastic components that store mechanical energy when at rest and resist forceful deformation. Spring manufacturers often use tempered steel, or stainless-steel springs, made with chromium alloys, and are found in food service and medical applications as they are durable, contaminate resistant, and readily sterilized. Other metals, including copper, bronze, […]

Episode 7 – How To Have A Bolt Conversation

If you’re ever in a conversation about the technical side of Bolts, that is, what your customers look for, then learn the terms below so that you are speaking their language. Then, protect those bolts with Protective Mesh Netting from Eagle Pride Supply! Angle Controlled Tightening A tightening method in which the surfaces are pulled […]

Episode 6 – The Basics on Bolts

Installation of a Bolt To install industrial bolts, you need a nut and a tool like a screwdriver, high pressure drill or allen wrench. Nuts, which attach to the end of the shank, retain components on the bolt axis. Bolt the nut using angular force produced by your tool as you hold your bolt or […]

Episode 5 – Defining Bolts

Episode 5 – Types of Bolts Bolts come in many different sizes, shapes, grades and materials. It is critical to the end user for these to fasten properly, and the best way to prevent damage during shipping from manufacturer/supplier to the assembly point is to put a protective mesh sleeve over the threads of each […]

Episode 4 – What Makes A Bolt So Great?

Advantages of Bolts There are many advantages to these kinds of fasteners. First, bolts have very low production costs. Second, bolts and nuts are both easier to install and easier to replace than other assemblies, like welded fasteners. Third, it’s easier to inspect bolts that are fastened in with nuts, rather than bolts that are […]

Episode 3 – Bolts – Can we make standards standard?

Episode 3 – Bolts – Can we make standards standard? As we learned in Episode 2, by the 19th century Industrial Revolution, companies were springing up all over making bolts and other fasteners to build the most modern automated manufacturing machinery. However, no one was making their bolts the same way, with the same materials, […]

Episode 2 – Why Protect Bolts?

Episode 2 – Why Protect Bolts? Industrial bolts are a type of high strength hardware, used for fastening two or more workpieces together. They are threaded, meaning that they have ridges that wrap around the outside of their shaft in a helical pattern. They make use of nuts to secure them to surfaces. While screws […]

Episode 1 – Industrious Thoughts

Protective Mesh Netting  Hello industrial world! We are seeing a sea of change in the manufacturing community as more companies work to keep their costs low and their productivity high. One big change that is affecting all of us is the current inflationary environment. In this environment, any customer returns may seem like a simple […]