Episode 3 – Bolts – Can we make standards standard?

Episode 3 – Bolts – Can we make standards standard? As we learned in Episode 2, by the 19th century Industrial Revolution, companies were springing up all over making bolts and other fasteners to build the most modern automated manufacturing machinery. However, no one was making their bolts the same way, with the same materials, […]

Episode 2 – Why Protect Bolts?

Episode 2 – Why Protect Bolts? Industrial bolts are a type of high strength hardware, used for fastening two or more workpieces together. They are threaded, meaning that they have ridges that wrap around the outside of their shaft in a helical pattern. They make use of nuts to secure them to surfaces. While screws […]

Industrious Thoughts – July 2022

Protective Mesh Netting  Hello industrial world! We are seeing a sea of change in the manufacturing community as more companies work to keep their costs low and their productivity high. One big change that is affecting all of us is the current inflationary environment. In this environment, any customer returns may seem like a simple […]