Episode 5 – Defining Bolts

Episode 5 – Types of Bolts Bolts come in many different sizes, shapes, grades and materials. It is critical to the end user for these to fasten properly, and the best way to prevent damage during shipping from manufacturer/supplier to the assembly point is to put a protective mesh sleeve over the threads of each […]

Just in time for Labor Day – Protect Your Parts

EPS Blog – Just in time for Labor Day                                                                        Eagle Pride Supply Manufactured parts may be machined, coated, treated, polished, or created in a way that normal ordinary shipping and handling would damage or degrade its desired usefulness.  That is specifically why it is imperative for manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers to protect those parts prior […]

Episode 4 – What Makes A Bolt So Great?

Advantages of Bolts There are many advantages to these kinds of fasteners. First, bolts have very low production costs. Second, bolts and nuts are both easier to install and easier to replace than other assemblies, like welded fasteners. Third, it’s easier to inspect bolts that are fastened in with nuts, rather than bolts that are […]