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Protective Mesh Netting 

Hello industrial world! We are seeing a sea of change in the manufacturing community as more companies work to keep their costs low and their productivity high. One big change that is affecting all of us is the current inflationary environment. In this environment, any customer returns may seem like a simple customer service matter, but the effect goes much deeper than that. The most common causes of purchase returns are unmet expectations, damaged, or defective products. Any products damaged in shipping from your door to your customer’s door is your responsibility and your customers know that. The cost of shipping those damaged parts back to you, replacing those parts with new ones, determining if the damage can be repaired or the material scrapped, costs of shipping the new parts to your customers. Some customers are willing to give you 3 strikes, some maybe two, and some only give you one shot. If you need to replace that customer there are costs of finding new customers too. Pretty soon that one dinged up box of bolts has cost you multiple thousands of dollars…it all adds up and takes away directly from your bottom line!

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Let’s rewind and see if we can figure out how to avoid those thousands of dollars of costs in the first place. What if you could use a product that would protect those parts all the way through shipping to your customer’s door for only a few pennies? Sounds a bit like business insurance doesn’t it?  Protection from damaged parts, protection from having to repeat production without revenue, protection from having to replace lost customers. That is exactly what protective mesh netting from Eagle Pride Supply does for you. We can even save you the time it takes to stop what you’re doing and measure and cut the mesh sleeves to fit your parts. We can send them to you pre-cut to fit your specifications and we get that done in less than a day.

Over the next few months, we’ll periodically share information with you on common industrial processes like what to look for in bolts and screws, how springs enhance machinery, or what materials are best for threaded rods.  It’s not always rocket science, but it’s just good information to help your industrial processes run smoother. And always with business and parts protection in mind. Come see us at