Product Questions

Q: Is your sleeve netting American made?
A. Yes Proudly Made in the USA

Q: Do you have a minimum order?

A. No, we never have a minimum order.

Q: How does your netting compare to the one we buy from ULINE?

A. Our Series 1 netting is a “Close Mesh Style” similar to what ULINE sells.

Q: How does your netting compare to the one we buy from

Industrial netting?
A. Our Series 2 netting is an “Elastic Mesh Style” similar to what
Industrial Netting sells.

Q: How can we get samples of your sleeve netting?

A. All you have to do is ask and we’ll get your free samples on the
way. Call today or request samples on our “Contact Us” page.

Q: What are the benefits of having EPS provide us with pre

cut pieces to a specific length?
A. Pre-cut pieces save your team valuable time and resources. Your
highly paid machinists are no longer stopping work to cut sleeve
netting one piece at a time and reduces waste caused by over
estimating how long a piece they need to cut each time

Customer Service

Q.How do I reach customer service?
A. Please call (512) 813-0634 Ext 2

Q. Where do I send my payment?
A. Eagle Pride Supply, PO Box 2348, Round Rock, TX 78680

Q. Can I get my netting custom cut?

A, Yes, speak with a salesperson today at (512) 813-0634

Q. What are our hours of operations

A. Monday – Friday 8 AM  – 5 PM

Q. I have an issue with my order?

A. Please contact your salesperson or the Customer Service
Department at (512) 813-0634 Ext 2 to get an issue resolved

Q. Your company’s shipping or billing address has changed.

A. Contact our Customer Service Department at (512) 813-0634
Ext 2. to get everything updated.

Q. Can we get products in different colors?

A. We offer some of our products in different colors.

Q. We need to change our credit card on file.

A. Contact Customer service at (512) 813-0634 to update all of your contact information and payment information.