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EPS Blog – Just in time for Labor Day                                                                        Eagle Pride Supply

Manufactured parts may be machined, coated, treated, polished, or created in a way that normal ordinary shipping and handling would damage or degrade its desired usefulness.  That is specifically why it is imperative for manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers to protect those parts prior to shipping them out. We believe that the most cost effective and least labor-intensive way to protect those parts is with Eagle Pride Supply Mesh Protection Sleeves.  You can order any variety of industry standard diameters, colors, and strengths to fit your needs.  Get your rolls or custom cut sleeves for tens to hundreds of thousands of parts at

Here are examples of the ways we protect Industries’ most vital parts:

Drill bit safety sleeves

Thread guards

Spring silencers

Parts separators

Filter core sleeves

Pipe wrap

Chain and tool protection

Vibration sleeves

Cable protection

Collet sleeves

End mill protection

Live tool protection

Glass tube wrap

Bearing protection

Piston sleeves

Finger sleeves

Shaft protection

Protective packaging

Wine bottle sleeves

Scuba Tank sleeves

Gas cylinder sleeves

Chrome parts protection

Painted parts protection

Plated parts protection

Cosmoline replacement

Spline shaft protection

Precision parts protection

Machined parts protection

Bolt & Screw protection

Threaded Rod protection

Anti-corrosion coating protection

Aerospace Fastener protection

Non-typical parts up to 12” diameter


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