½” Diamond Brown Smokehouse Net


½” diamond net made of Polypropylene, FDA approved for meat contact.

Rolls are 4 ft x 50 ft.


Meat will release with little to no effort.  Material will last up to 3 months depending on usage.

Material will withstand up to 210 degrees F.



Before using;

1) Wash all product before using.

2) Spay or coat with cooking oil before 1st use.  This is the only time that you will need to do this unless you want to continue.

3) If using cable ties to secure to tray, just be careful not cut the netting when cutting off the cable ties between use

4) No harsh chemicals are needed to clean the netting.  Hot soap and water will work. Chemicals could dry out the resin and cause the material to prematurely age and become brittle.


While using:

This product should be good to use for 90 days depending on number of heat cycles you put it through.

If the color starts to fade or netting becomes hard and brittle stop use.  You have reached the end of the heat cycles.


Material and Storage:

The material is a prime FDA Accepted Polypropylene.  This material should be stored in temperatures above 40 degrees F.  If material is stored in a colder area move to and area that is 68 degrees F and let it sit for 48 hours before using.  Polypropylene is a material that becomes brittle in temperatures of 36 degrees F or colder. The netting is made for higher temperatures and can be used up to 200 degrees F.

Do not use in an open flame area.  This is plastic and will melt.


Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to test a sample before purchasing.