The Importance of Thread Protection

Do you like wasting your money? Yeah, we don’t either.

If you invest the money in developing good protects, you need to spend the extra money to protect those parts. That’s where our protective mesh netting comes in the picture. 

Our protective mesh netting protects your threads from being damaged when shipping, causing a defunct part. Thread protectors protect the threads located at the end of pipes during storage or transportation. They keep them clean from the dirt, dust and pests that turn up during transit and storage. 

Our protective sleeves are made of plastic mesh in a variety of sizes, custom cut for your usage.. The use of thread protectors greatly reduces the amount of downtime and delays on the job and ensures that your operation is running properly and professionally.

During the time of transport is when pipes are exposed to dirt and dust and are at risk of damage. Our thread protectors protect the pipes from these harmful elements by screwing on to the pipe ends. This is a simple product that ensures safety and efficiency on the job site.

Our protective mesh netting for thread protection has tons of advantages. Due to the flexible nature of the material, protective mesh thread protectors are easy to apply, while staying firmly in place after application. 

Furthermore, our material is incredibly strong and won’t wear and tear under stress, while conventional plastic thread protectors can shred and leave residue in the threads of the object you were trying to protect. 

It is also relatively simple and cost-effective to purchase our protective mesh netting, saving you tons of money on potentially damaged parts due to not being protected! Check out our netting here.