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Top Seal White™

Top Seal White – Soil Stabilization and Advanced Dust Control
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Top Seal White
Soil Stabilization and Advanced Dust Control

Top Seal White has been specifically formulated to help solidify your loose, erosion-prone soil and provide you with an immediate and long-lasting dust control solution. TSW is an eco-friendly, concentrated product that is mixed with water and used for Soil Stabilization and Advanced Dust Control. It binds with the fines in your soil and gets stronger for you as it dries. Your dirt construction entrances, roads, parking areas, walkways, etc. will all benefit by utilizing Top Seal White.


TSW Application Procedures: 1) Advanced Dust Control: Mix 15 gallons of water per 1 gallon Top Seal White. Apply evenly with a sprayer over your existing dirt road, dirt parking area, etc. until all of the mixture has been applied. This may take several sprayings at various times during the day to avoid runoff. Provides advanced dust control for your most dust-prone areas. • Liquid Base Stabilizer & Sealant • Erosion Control • Stabilization of Unpaved Roads • Non-petroleum-based and eco-friendly • Easily applied, no special equipment needed


2) Soil Stabilization: Mix 10 gallons of water per 1 gallon Top Seal White. Scarify soil 3”-4” deep. Additional soil or small diameter crushed limestone may be required to ensure this area sits above surrounding areas so water will drain away from your treated area. Evenly apply 3/4 mixture, blend well into scarified soil and compact. Wait several days until your soil dries out, then evenly spray remaining mixture on top to seal. Provides you with a stabilized area for parking spaces, walkways, driveways, roadways, etc. that will last you for years to come.

Some examples of Top Seal White usage around the world

Heavy Construction Haul Roads
Urban Walking Trails
Farm and Ranch Roads
Advanced Dust Control
Mobile / Manufactured Home Foundations
Golf Course Cart Paths
Parking Lots
BMX Tracks
Remote Airport Runways/Helicopter Landing Pads 
Slope Erosion Control Base Stabilization
Hazardous Material Capping & Sealing
Application Truck

Battle Tested Tough

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